The Days Are Just Packed!

We’ve been typing circles round our to do lists at Lifebox since we got back from the WCA  last month.  We left Buenos Aires with heads, hearts, (stomachs) full of plans and opportunities for closing the global pulse oximetry gap, implementing the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and getting ‘Make It Zero‘ underway (now in Spanish!)

We’ll have lots of updates and conversation snippets for you in the coming weeks, but in brief…

 The sun was shining!

We found our booth…

…and made ourselves at home!

We rode the subte like porteños 

(and took photos of the beautiful old carriages like giddy tourists).

Three of our trustees delivered the very prestigious Harold Griffith Lecture in front of several thousand delegates…

and officially launched the Make It Zero campaign!

 We ate too many of these:

And wished we could dance like this:

We introduced the Lifebox pulse oximeter to its ancestors:

And sent some on their way to new homes:

We talked to anaesthesia providers from hospitals with hundreds of pulse oximeters, and anaesthesia providers from hospitals where they monitor with a finger held against the patient’s pulse.

We left resolving, more fiercely than before, to work towards raising the safety and quality of surgical care worldwide, to close the global pulse oximetry gap, to…


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