Our colleagues

We know that in more than 77,000 operating rooms worldwide, surgeries are taking place right now without pulse oximetry monitoring.  But what does that look like?  And who is in the room?

We’d like to introduce you to some of our colleagues.  These anaesthesia providers are on our waiting list to receive a donated pulse oximeter.  Chances are, they could use one right now.

Dear Friends at Lifebox,

At Memorial Christian Hospital we are currently performing over 1500 major surgeries annually, ranging from simple herniorraphies to complex thoracic, vascular and paediatric surgical procedures.

The frequent lack of a working pulse oximeter—in the OR, in recovery, on the wards—jeopardizes patients’ lives on a daily basis.  Without any question, it is the single most useful piece of data for an instant assessment of the patient’s condition is the SpO2.  This stubborn fact makes a reliable portable pulse ox of inestimable value.

Dr Stephen M. Kelley, MD, FACS

Memorial Christian Hospital, BANGLADESH


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